Creating A Healthy Workplace

Why should our customers promote healthy eating at work?

Promoting a healthy workplace is an important way to not only improve employees health but also their productivity. Besides from being lower in calories and fats than the standard office snacks, office fruit in the workplace will positively impact on business performance.

  • Employees who maintain a healthy weight report less sickness related absence than those classed as obese. Healthy office fruit helps you reduce sick days and lost productivity.
  • Providing free office fruit shows you care about your employees’ health, who will in time feel more appreciated and motivated.
  • The natural sugars in fruit allow employees to think faster and remain alert longer throughout the long day, a healthy way to tackle the afternoon slump.

Most leading organisations today have a variety of health and well being programs in place, workplace fruit is widely recognised as being one of the most simple and cost effective ways to promote healthy habits amongst the workforce.

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