Why Join the Fruit Box Workplace?

Dubai is a fast growing and trend setting destination who pride themselves on being a health conscious and highly productive workforce. The Fruit Box ME provides our clients with a quick and cost effective way to increase both these aspects of their business. Try our unique service and experience the benefits of working in a healthy and energetic environment from today.

Everyone loves fruit! You will be amazed at the positive impact such a small investment can have on staff morale, by making your employees feel valued and appreciated – staff love it!

The Fruit Box ME - Workplace fruit made easy

  • All our sourced and packed fruits are 100% NON – GMO.
  • Cost effective – Fruit boxes starting from as low as 99.75 AED per week (Vat inclusive & Free Delivery)
  • Battling the afternoon slump – Natural sugars within fresh fruit is a healthy and fast way of giving your body the energy it requires to fight those afternoon slumps !
  • Staff love it – Everyone loves and appreciates the generosity of workplace fruit.
  • Seasonal selections – An easy-to-handle seasonal selection of fruit is supplied in every box prewashed and ready to eat.
  • Custom boxes – Customers can include personal preferences with the choice of fruits in their boxes.
  • Special arrangements for large offices – We can provide a special fixed rate for large offices.

National fruit delivery network

The Fruit Box ME offers a national fruit delivery network throughout the whole of Dubai. You can have fruit boxes sent to all your offices, knowing that the fruit is purchased fresh, individually washed and packed locally.

Call us now on 055-5537971 or use our quick enquiry form to get your first fruit box on the way