Quality Fruits

Consistently The Best Quality in Office Fruit Box Delivery

The Fruit Box ME achieves the best quality standards through the follow procedures:

  • The Fruit Box M.E ensure that we only delivery the highest quality produce to our trusted clients !

We are proud to announce that all are sourced and packed fruits are 100% NON – GMO.

  • Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

We promise to deliver the same quality product week after week after week.

  • Each Fruit Box is hand packed and visually inspected

Our packers check each piece of fruit that is packed and discard any that are not up to our standards.

  • No mess, no fuss just washed and clean fruits

Our fruit must arrive at your desk fresh, clean & ready to eat. To achieve this we individually wash, clean and remove all stickers from your fruits. It’s a small detail but we think it helps create an exceptional product and service.

  • We are fruity people

Our buyers are a special breed of fruit loving, meat hating odd balls. They love nothing better than chasing our suppliers or inspecting local produce in order to deliver you the best fresh fruits.

  • Giving you a perfect seasonal mix

Our fruity buyers know exactly when to start and stop buying a certain variety of fruit in order to give your box that fresh in season taste and smell.